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INyDIA Laboratorios S.L
Inydia distributes Liquid Handling Systems on which it can handle multiple aplications to customer needs. INyDIA customiced solutions such as Microarrays Reader, Satellite automation of the equipment in the lab...
Micro Array Reader

It is an imaging reader that provides full automatic analysis to microarrays.
Reader formats:
-Microplate 96 well: 8 wells strips
-Tubes: Adapter for to 12 tubes
-Portas: Adapter for to 5 slides

Different versions depending on detection system:
-Reverse Dot
Developed by IVD regulations
Active focus position
Allows you to define different types of arrays in wich the focus position of these varies from one type to another.
End user software
-Easy set-list with discharge barcode samples and test plates.
-Different test can be processed in the same process.
-Database searchable by date, test sample or photo ID.
-Funcions "backup" result and pictures, export and import of reading profiles with a single "click".
-Result report of full plate or image shows result and gross values.
Software development and reader-controlled camera for a complete analysis image
-Setting up different reading formats: plate, tube, slide...
-Diferent desings of the configuration of the reference markers spots
-Markers spots, round, square, rectangular,...
-Control of camera parameters


A compact, automated user-friendly instrument which provides two solutions for the laboratories.
• Excellent, high-quallity nucleic acids
• Highly purified cell separations

This is an IVD ready robotic magnetic bead based extractor suitable for difficult clinical samples. Processes samples from primary tubes to purified Nucleic Acid in minutes.
* Aliquots from primary tube to ready Nucleic Acids
* Built-in barcode reader, and potential for LIMS interface for easy sample tracking
* Economical instrument and reagent cartridges
* Flexible input volume
* Ease of use (prefilled reagent cartridges, user friendly)
* Processes 1 to 12 samples simultaneously
* Closed system, reduces contamination risk
* UV light for decontamination
* Exciting new pipetting technology
* Minimal service requirements
* Suitable for difficult clinical samples
* IVD ready


is a benchtop instrument for automated nucleic acid purification. Automation is convenient, reduces the risk of injuries caused by repetitive pipetting, limits exposure to chemicals and infectious agents, and gives you more time to focus on other operations
GeneMole can process 1-16 samples in one run

-Reduce the amount of manual labour
-Only 2 min set-up time
-Reduce the risk for injuries due to extensive pipetting
-Limit the exposure to harmful chemicals and infectious agents potentially present in the samples
-Reduce the risk of human errors and gives consistent results
-Gives you time to focus on other operations

DataPaq High Speed Rack Scanner A6

It offers easy set up, straight out of the box, and with only a few minutes needed for configuration, you'll be ready to start scanning in no time at all.

A one-time automatic calibration means that you'll then be set up and ready to read any and all tubes, including Micronic, Matrix, Nunc, Abgene, REMP and many more. The A6 scanner is also available with -80°C proofing, to avoid condensation build-up within the scanner. Condensation can prevent the scanner from reading the 2D barcodes properly. Therefore, if you will be regularly scanning tubes straight from the freezer, the -80°C proofing could be the solution for you. […+]

DataPaq Single Our Single-Tube Scanner, like all Ziath scanners, offers easy set up, straight out of the box – along with just the kind of portability some lab work requires. With only a few minutes needed for installation, you'll be ready to start scanning in no time at all.
Ideal for benchtop use, or simply take it with you along with your laptop. Like all our scanner products, the Single Tube scanner is very fast – just hold the tube in the lens window and the read shows immediately on screen.

Automated Plate Stacker

The Ziath Automated Plate Stacker has been designed to efficiently supply and remove microplates from a set position within an automation operation; for example feeding open plates to a plate sealing device or supplying pre, or retrieving post-worked plates from an automation cell or system.

Dry Bath

Dry Bath is designed to accommodate an assortment of interchangeable Heating Block Modules
Temperature set in 0ºC Increments up to 100ºC
Programable time up to 24 h.
It can be allowed to set up to 3 segments of time phases and temperature ramps.

UVS-99 UVS-99 gives higly accuratefull spectrum measuresments with micro-samples (sepectrum range: 200-850nm.).
Simply pipette 1-2.5 ul. sample on to the pedestal, laying down the sampling arm, UVS-99 can automatically complete the measurement within 10 seconds.


NAS-99 is a special spectrophotometer for nucleic acid measurement.
The lamp source is UV-LED. It can accurately measure nucleis acid samples, and is no need to dilute hight-concentration samples.
Simply pipette 1,5 - 2,5 ul. sample on to the measurement process within 15 seconds.


The one in the market that includes microvolume measurement in the UV-Vis and fluorescence

Small Sample
・1μL(Cuvette less))
Full Spec Scanning
・Measurement Range 220 750nm
・Wave Length Resolution 2nm
Simple Operation
・Multi Measurement Mode
・DNA, RNA, Oligo Nucleotide,
・Protein (A280, Lowry BCA, Bladford),…etc.
・Short Measurement time (10sec. ),
Data Analysis using PC Software Data Output to USB Memory,
Fluorescence Measurement
Desktop Size, PC less Measurement


The SLAN Real Time PCR System enables the performance of ral time PCR with rapid cycling of up to 48 samples. Peltier technology is used by the system for the PCR process, and the fluorescence signal is detected throught a high-sensitivity photoelectric system making the process of detection more accurate and stable and highly repatable.

EXCITATION FILTERS: 470nm, 530nm, 630nm (585nm option available instead of 630nm)
DETECTION FILTERS: 530nm, 565nm, 665nm (620nm option available instead of 665nm)
OPERATING SYSTEM:Win2000/XP professional
POWER SUPPLY: 220-240 VAC 50/60Hz
ENERGY CONSUMPTION: 500VA (Computer system excl.)
DIMENSIONS (W×D×H):38cm×50cm×126cm


ACTGene Gradient 96 well Real-Time PCR Instrument (FRTTC-96-G) is a high-performance, fullfeatured gradient real-time quantitative PCR instrument designed to accommodate basic experimental design and offer flexibility required for more advanced applications.

The instrument combines precise thermal control, broad wavelength detection, and powerful software that is easy to use. More importantly, ACTGene QPCR system is fully compatible with all types QRCR reagent chemistries


Software development for molecular biology;
Extraction RNA/DNA, PCR process automation, arrays automation and archiving clinical samples aliquotted: SAS (Sample aliquotind software) Inmunofluorescence (Autoimmunity) Inmunofluorescence auto immunity IFAS software multiplex technology (Autoinmunity): SDV sample distribution & Vacuum Station Pathology and cythopathology: SAC immunoassay: Sample preparation and reagents EIA, animal health...